• »Spare parts supply works fast and trouble-free «

    We chose the proper diecast cylinders by Hydropneu for the usage in our company. We strain the cylinders a lot and the service life of the used components are, despite the extreme demands on them, very high. The spare parts supply works smoothly and, in case of an emergency, very fast.

  • »Special solutions for mould and die production«

    Many of our customers use the hydraulic cylinders made by the company Hydropneu. The cooperation with us as an intermediary moldmaker works directly and well. Besides the common core pull cylinders Hydropneu offers many "diecast specialities" which often help us to solve problems.

  • »Default rate decreased by 35 %«

    Hydropneu held a user training in our company, which taught us the right handling of their products. We now manage to decrease the default rate of our molds significantly through simple methods and strategies!

  • »Fast response – easy communication«

    Besides our house standard, which Hydropneu developed with us, we often draw cylinder solutions constructed for special demands from them. This is where it is important for us to have a direct communication and a fast response. Therefore we chose Hydropneu as the right business partner, who realizes ideas fast and creative.

  • »Price corresponds with the strong performance of the products«

    I value Hydropneu as a flexible and reliable business partner, whose overall service is just right. Hydropneu meets our individual requests and suggestions. Furthermore, due to the personal assistance, a quick response to questions or problems is guaranteed. The price perfectly matches the performance.

  • »Avoiding damage through user training«

    Hydropneu trained us directly in our own company. Now we know exactly how a hydraulic cylinder works and what we have to consider when using one. As a result, damages can be prevented and their service life prolonged. The trainings are a good thing.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Die-Casting

Hydropneu-Squeezer-System SQS

  • Compact design
  • High temperature resistance through active cooling
  • Evaluation of the cylinder position with electronic components not susceptible to interference in the central mold

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Power Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Power at the right time
  • Energy optimisation
  • Efficiency
  • Ideal dimensioning for individual application

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Standartized Core Pull Cylinders

  • All common mounting versions
  • Extra solid die casting version
  • Flexible, reliable position monitoring
  • Temperature resistant seals

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Hydraulic Locking Unit

  • Simple piston rod locking
  • Economical solution for several cylinders
  • High locking forces through pressure amplification

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Locked Block Cylinder

  • Piston rod locking with compact construction
  • No readjustment necessary

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Guide Cylinder

  • Great force and guidance combined by slides
  • Reduction of the space requirement for the entire slide system

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Slide Unit

  • Compact combination: hydraulic cylinder and guide unit
  • Precise guide rods despite great lateral forces

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Energy-Optimized Core Pull Cylinder Type 58

  • Use of the maximum possible power by reversing the direction of action
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Energy savings possible

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Training for Hydraulic Users

  • Opportunities of hydraulic cylinders in the fiel of die casting
  • Right choice of cylinders
  • Instructions for the proper use of hydraulic cylinders
  • Maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

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